Our services

" We at AVM Landscape, provide services with the help of our staff and workers. Each staff and workers have their own responsibilities, our services will help Landscape Maintenance.


Our Landscape activity starts at early morning with sweeping the landscape areas especially the prime location like Entrance, office area etc and th concerned head gardener will switch all the fountains and sprinklers on.

Lawn Maintenance

Petrol and Power operated lawn mowers used to mowing the grass whereever it is suitable. The Lawn is cut every week to maintain it at 15mm height always.

Irrigation is done by means of Sprinklers daily and Manure/Compost is applied once in 3 months and at the time of any VIP visit. Fertilizers like Urea/DAP is applied pesticide/Fungicide and when it is required.

Shrubs Maintenance

Tall and medium shrubs are trimmed once in a fortnight by mechanized means using Hedge Trimmer to maintain its height evenly. Hoeing is done once in 3 months to loosen the soil to facilite aeration and Manure/Compost is applied once in 6 months.

Tree Maintenance

Trees are pruned once in a year using Tree pruner to maintain its shape. Shade Trees are watered regularly using hose or tanker. Hoeing around the trees it done once in 6 months to loosen the soil to facilitate aeration. Manure/Compost is applied once in a year. But the Fruit Trees such as Mango,Coconut and Citrus are given special attention,pruning is done thrice a year. Hoeing four times a year.